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Knowing What You Can & Can’t Feed To Your Cat

Cat foods are divided into several categories:

1. Raw Food

  • These type of food are risky and not recommended to be fed to your pet cats.

  • Raw meat does provide good essential protein but but it also bring the risk of consuming meat infected with bacteria such as e.coli which causes food poisoning and even death to cats.

  • Uncooked fish are also not recommended to be fed to your cats because it can cause thiamine deficiency which can leads to death.


2. Wet Food

  • Wet food is one of the way to boost a cat’s appetite due to it’s high water and mineral content.

  • It is not recommended for regular consumption because of the risk of the forming of tartar on cat’s teeth


3. Kibbles

  • Suitable to be served as daily meal for cats

  • Contains high amount of protein; 30% and above. Protein sourced from animals such as poultry are the best and most suited for cats.


4. Cooked Food

  • Food that are cooked for too long such as boiled fish will usually lose much of it’s nutrient content during the cooking process

  • Meals that contain incomplete nutrients can cause a disturbance in the cat’s metabolism

  • Holistic veterinarians often encourages feeding cats a homemade diet. If a cat’s owner is not prepared to go with 100% homemade meals for their cat, supplementing the cat’s diet with ‘people food’ is recommended as long as the food contains the necessary nutrients required by the cat.

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